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7/18/16 -"Flowers Never worked for me..."

Hey internet creepers. My apologies for not being so update-ish". My life took a hard turn this year, I lost my dad in late april and coping with death is never easy but I'm still here. I try and keep myself occupied with designing, going to art events and hiking/going to the gym. I haven't gotten my own laptop so everything is being worked on with my moms old little Dell SRS I can hardly save stuff to it, so I had to get a 2 portable flash drives. They came in handy though for being only a couple bucks one is 16 GB and the other is 8GB. I've added some new things here and there but there's so much more to be worked on and what I want I want for EK to be alive again. I honestly started losing motivation but I think I did alright turning it around. I really appreciate all the cbox love,messages and tags/gifts everyone has left and I'm sorry for not getting back ASAP for the affie checks but just know your words or at least stopping by was enough ♥ and of course a huge thank you and love ya to Bunny & Mickey for keeping in touch with my unmotivated ass.♥ ♥ ♥